How To Keep Yourself Clean On Your Next Camping Trip

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Going camping is always easy, just get in your car and head out to the great outdoors, pitch a tent, get a fire ready then sit and chill. The problem is that if you plan on staying for more than two or three nights then certain normal everyday rituals start to get complicated. The biggest hurdle being keeping your body clean. So, lets get into it and see how we can keep you stay nice and clean on your next camping trip.

One of the best things that you can do while packing your clothes is to remember that you do not really need more than two pairs of clothes. This will save on the space that is needed for everything and also make you much lighter. Doing your laundry is really easy in the wild. All you need is a lake or a stream and you basically have clothes for as long as you are out there. Clean ones to boot. Cleaning your clothes is as easy as shaking them in a bag, quite literally. Bring a really big zip lock bag with you on your trip as well as some special biodegradable washing powder. Place your clothes in the bag with water and the soap and shake, rinse out and dry. Tada.

Depending on how long you plan on staying out in the wild and where you will be, a proper shower might not be available. If that is the case then simply get some special wet wipes that are made for this purpose. A simple search on Amazon finds many options from bio-degradable ones to normal ones. Bring along a small water bottle that can squirt. Use this to clean yourself after going to the bathroom.

The last thing that you need to be planned for is if you are going to be visiting a public campsite which more than likely will have a public shower for you to use. If you plan on using it then there are a couple of things that you need to do before you can trust that it is clean enough. There are a host of nasty germs and bacteria that you can pick up from a public shower. Before you use the shower you are going to have to clean it. One tool that will be invaluable in your quest to clean the shower is a microfiber mop. These large flat bad boys are going to cover a lot of area, really fast. Make sure you pack some sort of detergent spray and use that with your mop to give the shower and the entire floor a clean before you even dream of showering there.