Crewed Yacht Charter In Greece – The Height Of Stress-free Holidaying

If you love sailing, feeling the wind in your hair and the salt on your skin, then you have probably thought of taking a yachting holiday. But, whether it is yacht holidays around Greece or a sailing trip in the Caribbean, it is to be noted that sailing on the seas is definitely not for the faint-hearted. In fact, a holiday where you are skippering a yacht can be quite stressful. You have to worry about the winds, the tides, and the currents. It is for this reason that many holidaymakers are opting for crewed charter yachts.

Many leading charter companies specialize in adding a personal touch to their client's sea-faring holidays. These companies deal in everything from handcrafted, personalized itineraries to onboard chefs who will cater to your every need, to take the stress out of organizing your yachting holiday. Crew members for your charted yacht will be experienced and perfectly paired to your needs. Many companies hand select each crew for each holiday ensuring that you are given the absolute best experience your money can buy. Depending on where you decide to visit you will find that your crew is knowledgeable, not only about local wildlife but also on local hot spots. This will ensure that you get the best experience not only while you are on the ocean but also after you dock to join in some of the local entertainment venues.

Charted yachts will take you to picturesque white beaches while sailing across crystal clear blue waters. During your journey, talented chefs will ensure that your customized dining experience perfectly matches your ocean experience. Everything from drinks to food is perfectly paired to ensure you get the best out of your holiday. Furthermore, you will be able to visit first-class diving destinations and swim with some of the most beautiful creatures the oceans have to offer.

Your crewed yacht will be kept to the highest international standards, this includes cleanliness. Some crewed yachts are even equipped with onboard WiFi for those who do not want to lose touch with the outside world. There is no doubt that hiring a charter yacht is the best way to make your holiday one which will stand out from all the others.

Hiring a charter yacht does not have to set you back a small fortune either. From small crews to large ones, your charter yacht holiday will be customized to fit your budget perfectly. Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon away or family trip, there is sure to be a charted yacht which will suit your every need. Many charted yacht prices are all inclusive for a week, but talented tour teams will be able to customize your holiday to suit your exact needs.

Crewed Yachting holidays can start from as little as $1 500 for an all-inclusive week depending on where you decide to visit. Speak to a professional tour operator today to customize your perfect crewed yacht charter holiday. You are sure to find the perfect holiday to match all your needs.

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Exploring The Underground Cities Of Kaymakli

It's a wonderful tourist destination if you happen to be travelling around Turkey. It may not be as well known as other exotic holiday locations on the coast (see more inspiration here), but it is worth the journey to this unique place with a lot of history.

Visitors can still roam around the rooms that have stayed strong all this time. They can also marvel at the grand churches that have been built out of sight, complete with frescos and carvings that are still undamaged and fresh until now. Kaymakli Underground City also allowed its inhabitants to be defended against intruders and invaders. Because of this, they could also keep their valuable commodities safe.

The underground city remained to be a refuge for Christians over the centuries, whenever they became at risk of persecution or death. Visitors can just imagine how they run here for safety, and how they lived here together, able to practice their beliefs in their own churches.

Kaymakli Underground City never fails to astound its visitors, as reading about it can never prepare them for the experience of seeing it in person. The breadth of these communities will amaze you because it is more than just a couple of rooms or tunnels. These are real cities, where people live, worship, study, and socialize, all carved in the rocks and expanding inside and underground, unseen from the outside.

Kaymakli itself has 4 levels, the first of which houses a stable, church and some rooms. The second floor has more rooms and a larger church, plus a small graveyard. On the third floor is a lot of storage space and space for activities like winemaking or other important handicraft work. The last floor reveals storage rooms that contain numerous jars and pots. These 4 levels are only a glimpse, however, of the more than a hundred tunnels in Kaymakli Underground City, so you can only imagine how much more are hiding underground.

Exploring Kaymakli Underground City is best done through booking a tour, as your guide can give you a lot of insight into the history of the place. There are also narrow tunnels underground you would have to navigate and it is easier with someone to show you around. You need to be ready to bend down a lot due to the low ceiling, and this place is not for the claustrophobic. Still, because of the history and the magnitude of the city, the visit is more than worth it. After all, it is not every day that you can see a city that has been inhabited by people, though not continuously, for more than 3,000 years.

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Meet New Furry Friends In Japan’s Fox Village

Travelling to this fox village is an adventure in itself. Amy good travel guide book or local tourism office will be able to help you. The village of the fox is located at the foot of Mount Zao.. A bullet train trip from Tokyo to the Shiroishi-Zao The village of the fox is located at the foot of Mount Zao. A bullet train trip from Tokyo to the Shiroishi-Zao station will require around two hours. Once you get off the train, you still need to take either a cab or bus to the village. There are only 2 direct bus trips to the Fox Village. The first bus leaves the station at 10 AM while the second leaves 10 minutes after. Taxis are also available if you prefer to travel by car.


There are several well-recommended hotels near the village. The Tokinenoyado Yunushiichijoh, Mogamiya Ryokan, and the Suzukiya Ryokan are within less than three kilometers from the village.

Best Time to Enter Village

The village is normally open every day. On the other hand, the place looks magical when you visit it during winter time. Nevertheless, a good pair of hiking boots is required to make the trek easier. It also makes it easier to avoid the numerous fox poo scattered all over the place.

You need to pay 1,000 yen to enter the Fox village. If you want to feed them, food bags are available for 100 yen. For the cuddles, it will cost you 400 yen.

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