Top Survival Skills For Ultimate Preparedness

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Disaster can strike without the slightest clue or warning, be it a man-made disaster or a natural disaster, they are the same. In order to keep you and your family safe, you have to know the basic survival skills. Read on to find out more about survival preparedness and how you can best utilize this skill.

Survival Skill #1 – Treat Small Cuts

Whenever you have a torn skin, you are in danger of contracting an infection. Infections can easily go south and turn deadly, so it is critical to treat a cut immediately no matter how minor it may look to be. Never, ever wash you a cut or wound with water that is not clean. Only wash with purified or filtered water and cover it up with a bandage from your medical kit.

Survival Skill #2 – Deal with Hygiene

Well, there are hygiene practices can be ignored and some that must be adhered to, to the most minute detail. For one, to prevent tooth infections, you have to keep your teeth clean. If you dont have a tooth brush with you, you can always fashion one out of birch bark or simply clean them with a clean cloth. Body parts that are always in contact, such as the groin, area between toes and armpits should always be kept dry and clean to prevent fungus and bacterial infection.

Survival Skill #3 – Learn Knots

There is a saying, if you never learn another knot, learn the bowline knot. The important characteristic of the bowline knot is that, the harder you pull it, the tighter it gets. This property has made it a truly multipurpose knot that has been used to safe many lives.

Survival Skill #4 – Catch Small Game

It takes an excessive amount of energy to hunt, and especially hunting large animals. So it will be a good idea to target smaller animals like squirrels, rabbits, or even fish. Use a snare or sharpened sticks to fish.

Survival Skill #5 – Discover Edible Plants

Find out what plants can be eaten in the wild and what can kill you or make you sick. This requires a bit of research and studying thats for sure. Learn about the Universal Edible Test and you will have a very good idea how to determine if a plant is edible if you are not sure.

Survival Skill #6 Shelter

Look for a shelter if you can. This can be an abandoned cabin in the wilderness, or an empty cave. This would be the fastest way to establish a shelter. If that is not available then you will need to build one. The easiest shelter to build is a lean-on shelter that utilizes a broken tree branch, leaned against a tree on one end. The other end of the branch would be on the ground. Lay shorter branches over it then cover the small branches with big leaves and you would have built yourself a fully functional simple lean-on shelter.

There you have it, the six basic survival skills that will improve your disaster preparedness and keep you and your family safe in time of need.

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