Train Rides To Never Miss Out On In Your Life

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Although flight prices are the lowest ever, there is nothing like the luxury and the experience of the worlds iconic train rides. Even if you are not born into the generation of train travel, you cannot miss out on the experience of watching the trees whiz by outside your onboard suite. Moreover, you get to marvel at the best views the world can offer from this unique perspective. If you enjoy unique travel experiences see this guide.

The Royal Scotsmans Western Journey

The most picturesque journey by train in the entire British Isles begins in Edinburgh, passing by Glasgow before going along the West Highland Line. Passengers will be blessed with views of the Highlands, Ben Navis, and the Glenfinnan Viaduct featured in Harry Potter. The trip includes a tea experience at Inverlochy Castle and a visit to the Isle of Bute.

The Ghan And The Indian Pacific

The country that is also a continent can be explored by train, aboard the Ghan (traveling from north to south) or the Indian Pacific (from east to west or from one ocean to another). As opposed to the older trains, the trains have modern suites that are a contrast to the Edwardian dining carriage. Both will take about 3 days to take, allowing passengers to explore the contrasting landscapes of the country.

The Blue Train And The Rovos Rail

In South Africa, there are 2 luxury trains to try out. The Blue Train is faster and quite posh, including a personal butler service. On the other hand, the Rovos Rail is more classic and passengers feel like being back in the Victorian Era.

Golden Chariot

India has a few luxury trains that will transport passengers to remote corners of the country. The best is undeniably the Golden Chariot that brings you from Bangalore to Goa. This area is scenic but less-explored, so there is enough to discover outside the window. Other highlights of the trip include temples, beaches, a tiger safari, and the royal palace-inspired train itself.

Bullet Train

On the opposite side of traditional, Japans bullet train is the technological marvel that should be on everyones bucket list. While aboard, you will be treated to views of Mouth Fuji, as well as views of various architectural designs.

Trans-Siberian Railway

Imagine taking a train from one end of Russia to another, passing through 8 time zones. It is one of the longest train rides out there, and passengers have the option to go continue to China, South Korea, or Japan.

The California Zehpyr

North Americas jewel is the California Zephyr. This explores the scenic trail of the pioneers from Chicago to San Francisco. Moreover, in one trip, you can see various vistas, from the snow-topped Sierra Nevada, to the canyons of Colorado.

For a few days, be transported to the beginning of the 20th century and unplug from the modern world. While train rides are not for busy people who need constant access to computers and the Internet, there are still those who continue to enjoy the slow pace and the breathtaking views of the worlds scenic and luxurious train trips.