Why You Should Hold Fundraising Activities

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Fundraising activities are usually philanthropic, and are held to support specific causes. While this is so, there are some who hesitate to organize these activities, as they can be tedious and daunting. It’s a reality that not all people like giving money in the first place, and monetary donations don’t always come in abundantly, even if you have these activities all the time. But you shouldn’t set aside your fundraising plans just yet. Here are good reasons why you should push through with your fundraiser despite the odds:

1. People feel good about giving

Whether it’s because they’re going to receive something in return, or they’re just pleased to be able to help, people feel good when they give, especially to a cause that’s worth supporting. Make sure that you acknowledge these donors by giving gifts and other incentives, or sending a simple thank-you message with updates on what their donations were used for, and the results, for example.

2. People want to support a cause

People donate money to organizations with causes that they support. This is one way of their letting others know about their stand. With proper marketing and communication targeted towards both prospective and active donors, you’ll find people with the same cause as yours who are willing to provide financial support.

3. Fundraising pushes nonprofits to evaluate and improve their services

Incorporating fundraising in your nonprofit’s strategic planning will help your organization revisit (and, if necessary, revise) its goals, compute costs, and prioritize projects that are feasible and relevant to your nonprofit’s donors and beneficiaries. In the process, planning fundraising activities helps nonprofits improve their work as a team.

4. Backup

While governments and other organizations allot funds for nonprofits, these grants might be cut, or worse, be cancelled. In this case, fundraising campaigns can be another source of funds. Be responsible in handling funds, so your nonprofit will have enough financial resources even during dry days.

5. Fundraising pushes nonprofits to reach out

Fundraisers will need not only donors but also prospective partner organizations to ensure that they have sustainable resources to tap for their beneficiaries. Innovative marketing strategies, like social media promotions and attending seminars for charity workers, will not only help promote fundraising activities but also expand a nonprofit’s network.

The bigger a nonprofit’s network is, the more assistance it gets. Individuals and organizations working together can learn and benefit much from one another. However, nonprofits should be more discerning of the motives of the organizations that they are partnering with. It’s highly recommended that you thoroughly research any organization you’re considering.

A relevant, well-planned, and well-executed fundraising campaign is sure to succeed, and in turn have a lasting impact on the community that it serves. With proper promotion and implementation of fundraising campaigns, communication with donors, beneficiaries, and partner organizations, evaluation and improvement of a nonprofit’s internal operations, and responsible handling of funds, your fundraiser can go a long way. Now’s the time to get your fundraiser started. Later on, you and your beneficiaries will be thankful that you did.