Finding The Best Sea View Holiday Cottage

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Looking for a sea view holiday cottage to rent can be a challenge, you can easily find hundreds out there to choose! Not only is it difficult to sort through all the holiday cottage options, not paying attention to other factors can bring a lot of disappointment. Beyond just looking at details like number of rooms and other amenities, here are other things to take into consideration.

What kind of sea view are you looking for?

Sea view can mean so many different things. Many towns offer different things, whether its a port view, over a cliff or simply the sandy beach. This is something for you to consider because it can also influence how quiet and peaceful your cottage will be. Moreover, if you are staying with a family, safety is another factor. Renting a place beside the cliff might be beautiful and dramatic, but definitely not safe for kids.

Weather will also play a big role, especially in some locations that are infamous for being windy. In this case, renting sea view cottages on the coast might give you awesome vistas but will almost definitely mean loud howling in your windows.

Dont forget about the waves

Staying by the sea will mean changes in the water levels due to the tides. Of course, this is part of the charm of staying by the water, it just makes sense to check out how this may affect where you are staying. When the tide is low, its the perfect time for you and your kids to go rock-pooling! When its high, you can definitely enjoy the sound of the waves lapping outside your window.

Do you get a sunrise or sunset view?

If you love sleeping in, then maybe a sunset view is better for you. This way, you are not awakened by the rays of the sun into your face and you can instead enjoy the different shades of the sunset with a glass of wine in your hand. This view and the chance to enjoy the sun rising or setting will definitely make you feel relaxed in your well-deserved holiday.

Consider which rooms have views

The advertisement might state that the place is beside the cliff, but what was not described is that there is a huge tree on the way blocking your view! Make sure you look for places that have enough pictures to really be sure of what you will end up renting. Sometimes, cottages close to the pier are nice, if you love boats, but it might also come at a price. You might have less privacy, then, unless you like being surprised with people being able to see inside your room! Do not feel bad about asking for more pictures or more information on the views from various parts of the house.

Vacationers wanting to escape the busyness of the city would find renting a cottage by the sea the perfect solution. Quieter and more peaceful, the sound of the waves and the views of the beach will definitely allow you forget the stress of daily life. By considering all factors, you can end up with the best cottage for you and your family to spend a memorable holiday together.