The Best Coastal Views In Wales

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Sea lovers will relish the many glorious little corners of Wales that offer superb spots to enjoy the view. More than just the beautiful vistas, you can also expect peaceful lighthouses, dramatic cliffs and adorable harbours. If you are looking for inspiration and a place to watch the waves crashing, here are nine of the best coastal sea views in Wales

Borth Sands

On the Ceredigion coast is a unique beach which draws tourists and holidaymakers all year round. Grass-tufted dunes and whats left of a 4,000-year-old forest will blow your mind. When the tide is low, the stumps look like strange and isolated sculptures.

Col-Huw Point

Found on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, these limestone cliffs were created 300 million years ago when the rock was pushed up and out of the water by a continental collision. Beyond the stunning cliffs, this is also one of the top spots to look for dinosaur fossils from the Jurassic age.

Green Bridge

This impressive bridge, though you might mistake it for a manmade architectural masterpiece, is actually a product of nature, created by water erosion over several millennia. Another similar arch, the Church Doors sea arch, can be found at Skrinkle Haven between Freshwater East and Tenby.


Also found in Pembrokeshire, this is also home to a wonderful sculpture featuring a shoal of herrings on top of a large boulder. This work of art is a tribute to herring fishing, the traditional source of livelihood and an important part of the local diet. Fishguard is a popular holiday town with many great hotels and some of Wales finest sea view cottages.

Great Orme Tramway

Llandudno boasts of a Victorian-style seafront that is definitely worth the visit. Strolling along the Promenade is already impressive, but wait until you see it from above. The Great Orme Tramway is one of the ways (the others being by cable car or by foot) to reach the top of the Great Orme headland. Beyond being a great vantage point, it is also a Site of Scientific Interest.

Skomer Island

Add this island to your Spring holiday destination list, when wildflowers are in bloom along the steep and grassy banks. But even more wonderful to see are the seabirds that come here to nest at this time. Then you can see puffins flying around, socialising or going back after a successful search for sand eels.

St. Govans Chapel

This 14th-century chapel made of limestone blends in with the walls and boulders surrounding it. It was built in commemoration of St. Govan, an Irish Celtic hermit who, in the 6th century, lived in a cave in the area. Some believe that he was actually Gawain, one of King Arthurs Knights of the Round Table, spending his last years here.

Tenby Harbour

This harbour has long attracted visitors because of its pastel-coloured Georgian houses. In fact, it has also inspired artists like Augustus John, born in this village in 1878. Tenby is one of Wales most important holiday destinations, attracting visitors from all over the UK and Europe for its seaside treats.

Trwyn Do Lighthouse

A black and white lighthouse that serves the waters around Penmon Sound, it was built in 1830 after the tragedy of Rothsay Castle, which ran aground while traveling from Liverpool to Beaumaris.

Make sure you do not miss these nine spots that will definitely reward you with unparalleled views of the sea while on holiday in Wales. Dont forget to bring your best camera with you to capture these unforgettable sights as well!