Horse Care 101

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Caring for horses is both a rewarding and a challenging task. They are wonderful companions that can be used for competitions, casual riding, or as pets.

Like all animals, horses need some TLC that includes proper care and maintenance. As an owner, you have legal responsibilities to take care of your horse. So before buying one, make sure that you can commit both effort and time to give your horse the care it needs.

A horse needs shelter from extreme weather conditions. A pasture or a stable is the best choice for shelter.

When keeping your horse in a stable, it needs waterproof rugs to keep it warm during cold weather. You need to check the stable every day to make sure that there arent leaks or any dangers of them slipping.

For pastures or open areas, you must put up rails made from wood, vinyl, or plastic. You can also opt for mesh wire as a fence.


Since your horse is a large animal, it needs adequate and quality feed. If kept in an open pasture, ensure that you have healthy graze or high-quality hay. This will keep its body in good condition.

The general guide for feed is 1 to 2 kg to every 100 kg bodyweight. You’ll need to add more if you’re horse undergoes training or regular work daily.

Horses also need salt and mineral supplementation. This keeps the sodium and chloride content in their bodies at a normal level. Make sure that you provide a salt or mineral block for your horse.

And, let’s not forget water. Like all living species, horses need to keep themselves hydrated as well. You must provide your horse with clean water at all times. You can use a self-filling trough or a dam.

A bathtub is another option, but you must regularly refill and check it for any contaminants. During cold weather, you must heat the water. The general guide would be 25 to 45 liters of water a day during hot weather.


Grooming is another essential activity when caring for horses. It will keep your horse healthy and far from looking like a wild equine.

Their hooves need to be trimmed once every 6 to 8 weeks or else theyll grow too long. This will also prevent your horse from being uncomfortable.

Also, keep a grooming box with you that include these basic tools:

* Grooming mitt or curry comb

* Body brush

* Tail and mane comb

* Finishing brush

* Hoof pick

* Soft cloth or sponge

There are still a lot of things to consider when keeping a horse. If you’re unsure on how to keep your horse healthy, you can always ask help from an experienced hostler or your local vet.