Your Guide To The Animals Of Madagascar

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If you have watched the movie Madagascar, most probably you’ve felt excited about the different animals you can see there aside from the ones that got away from the New York Zoo. Not only did the movie bring so many laughs, it showcased what Madagascar truly is an amazing biodiversity of animals.

If you’re an animal lover, maybe with a pet of your own at home, then Madagascar might be a dream travel destination. If you’re looking to explore nature’s creations, then visiting Madagascar should be an essential part of your travel list. There are so many different species of wildlife that you never thought existed. Here is a list of the animals you should look for when visiting this amazing country.

Blue Coua

Among the 250 different species of birds, the Blue Coua stands out among the rest simply because its purely blue. You can only find the Blue Coua in Madagascar so if youre lucky to spot one, then take a picture and keep it. The Blue Coua is at least 17 inches in length and can weigh at most 250 grams. Unlike other birds, this type of bird makes its own nest. This fowl has become famous because almost every part of their body is blue – from light to dark blue. The only thing that isnt blue is their eyes which is a striking black color.

Tomato Frog

While the Blue Coua is blue, the Tomato Frog is red. The tomato frog is just like your average frog except that it takes the color of a tomato (hence, its name). However, youll notice this more on female frogs because the male frogs have somewhat a dull brownish color. Tomato Frogs can only be seen in Madagascar and even if they are colorful, they can be difficult to spot since they stay in swamps which isnt every tourists favorite destination. At the same time, when these frogs feel that they are threatened, their skin will produce a sticky dark fluid that will prevent them from becoming prey to animals and humans. 

There are so many different species of lemurs, but the Indri is the more famous type for several reasons. First is that it is the largest among all 50 species of lemurs found in the forests of Madagascar. They are 22-28 inches long and can weigh at least 8 kg. For a lemur, this is considered very heavy. Second, even if they have a monochromatic shade of black, its fairly easy to find them because they have a dazzling set of green eyes with a small black pupil in the middle. Indris live in small groups, usually, 4-6 of them stay together. They can be found in the Eastern part of Madagascar.

Giraffe Weevils

It sounds like a mammal, but in reality, the giraffe weevil is an insect with a similar color to a ladybug. It can only be found in the islands of Madagascar and it took the name of a giraffe because of its long and narrow neck. The average length of their necks is around 2.5 cm and usually, the males necks are longer than the females. The giraffe weevil is all black except for their round body which is of a striking red color.

These are just a few of the unique creatures youll see when you explore Madagascar. Tip: Bring a good camera so you can take shots of the different and unique animals to see there.