Tips To Exercise Your Dog Safely

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The owners of dogs who are overweight are sometimes hesitant to take their dogs out to exercise. Do not let guilt or feelings of shame prevent you from heading out to exercise. Do not be offended should other people make comments. Simply say that your dog has started a weight loss management program and that you are starting it off by taking your dog for regular exercise. You could well be surprised as some people who may come across as very disapproving of your dog being overweight, could turn out to be some of your biggest supporters and allies in the long run.

We can demonstrate how wrong they are to those who opine that exercising one’s dog is a chore. Exercising with our dogs and getting involved in activities outdoors is really about enhancing the special bond shared with them and taking the time to be with each other. To summarize, it’s really about enjoyment and getting the best from life.

Make sure that when you let your dog off its leash in the exercise area of a dog park, that you still maintain effective control of them. You must at all times remain considerate of other dog owners when using these facilities. Ensure that before you leave the area that you clean up after your dog and yourself and leave the park as it was when you arrived there.

Dogs that are still youngsters, especially six to eighteen-month old adolescents, need a lot more exercise than dogs who are older as they have to burn off a lot more energy. Fast-paced jogging on the leash, walking for miles or even race walking are all good types of exercise for your dog as well as playtimes using tennis balls or a Frisbee in a fenced-off area.

It is important to take your dog for an examination by your veterinarian before starting an exercise program for weight management. Your veterinarian will not only be able to asses the condition of your dog’s health, but can also advise you regarding dietary recommendations, as well as their target weight and prescribe treatments such as anti-inflammatories for dog’s suffering from arthritis which will improve their mobility and allow them to be more active.

Dogs really need a lot of exercise to stay healthy. Exercise also assists in ensuring your dog burns off excess energy allowing the reduction of any behavioral problems in the home. If you do not have a yard that is fenced, it can be problematic trying to give your dog the required amount of exercise should you not have the time to walk him for long periods each day. A good solution to this situation is to purchase your dog an exercise pen as this pen can be utilised to ensure the safety of your dog or puppy as it allows them to be contained safely outside where they can play.